About Me - 14 Years Of Training And Counting

Kristin Thompson - Certified Personal Trainer

This Is My Story

In 2007, I was able to take my passion for fitness and share my love of exercise with clients when I became a certified personal trainer.  For the past ten years, I have helped clients transform their bodies and their lives through challenging and fun workouts.  My fitness programs are designed to provide clients with a full body workout for maximum fitness potential based on that particular client’s fitness level.

Workouts include a combination of strength training and cardiovascular interval training such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees. By combining short, intense work periods with little rest between exercises, strength, power and cardiovascular endurance will improve and maximize calorie burn during and after the session.  The high intensity interval training improves the muscles’ ability to use energy and get better results over time. The final portion of the workout is dedicated to core training, such as planks and crunches. Every workout session is a combination of different exercises to avoid the “plateau” effect and to help clients successfully achieve their fitness goals. Clients use equipment such as Body Solid functional cable machine, dumbbells, BOSU trainer, TRX suspension training and various stability balls and bands.  My clients range from teenagers seeking to get in shape for school sports to senior citizens dealing with issues of arthritis and osteoporosis.  Every client gets a workout specifically designed for their needs, goals and any limitations.

In February of 2014, my fitness story was featured in Oxygen Magazine.